TimeMan keeps track of the time you spend on tasks and projects as you are doing them. TimeMan lets you track and view your projects in a variety of ways, and lets you print and fax professional invoices for any given time period.
To start off, you set up your projects and activate them and deactivate them as you perform your tasks -- TimeMan takes care of the rest!
The TimeMan list mode lets you view projects and tasks recently worked on:

In addition, you can also view these as a pie chart or calendar:
These views allow you to filter the data you see by clients, projects, date, and cost.
Tapping on a task in any of the views lets you view and edit the task:
You can put several tasks together into a project. You can also select clients to associate with tasks and projects, and set a billing rate for projects. In addition to a billing rate, you can also add expenses to projects:
Tapping on a time or billing section lets you edit that section:
TimeMan also lets you set alarms to remind you if no projects are active, to automatically start or stop tasks, and to open TimeMan:

While you have TimeMan installed, you have access to a floating button which lets you activate and deactivate tasks from anywhere on your Newton, even if TimeMan is not open.

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