DateMan-Complete data management Order Form Pro-Professional Invoicing and inventory control
Fax Cover Creator-Create custom fax covers PocketMoney-Complete personal financing
Morgan Pro-Catalogs Media Protektor- Password protect your Apps!
MPG-Keep track of you vehicles SCK- Create custom NotePad Items
Order Form-Invoicing and inventory control TimeMan- Billing and expense tracking
UnitMath- A powerful unit calculator UnitMath Lite
2k Enhancement Pack-Enhance your Newton OS SpellMan-Spell Checking in the NotePad
Alarmed & Dangerous-Complete control over alarms Start Bar-Quick access to everything!
BackDrop Plus-Desktop enhancement Stationery Pack-A suite of items for the NotePad
Button Bar Plus-Enhancement to the Button Bar Super Charger Pack
Control Panel-Control your Newton! Super Names-Names enhancement
Drop to Do-Quick access to to-do's Super NotePad-NotePad enhancement
Font Pack-Adds more fonts The Bundle
More Folders Pro-Better folder system Vitamin A-Menu enhancement
Package Pop-Up-View Apps in a snap! Works Better-Newton Works enhancement
Power Utilities for NW-Newton Works enhancements Works:Merge-Mail merge for the Newton
Speed-Find names, quick! Writers Block II-A set of enhancements
Aloha-eMail for AOL PaperBoy-UseNet newsgroup access
Chat Buddy-IRC for the Newton PT100-VT100 emulation
NewtFTP-FTP access
Arcade Pack-4 Classic arcade games Mystery Capers-Was it murder?
Backgammon II Newtris-hmmm... sounds like?
Boxer-Boxing simulation game PentaDice-Classic dice game
Chiral-Strategy arcade game Sea Hunt-Blow up ships!
Mahjongg-Ancient solitaire tile game Solitaire Games-5 Classic card games
Mine Field-Can you find the bombs? Strategy Pack-Includes Mine Field & Sea Hunt
Motile-Maze-like strategy game xWord Buddy-Crossword puzzles