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Multi Task Multi Task II

Updated Version! -- Create and manage ToDo-list-style templates for your contacts, meetings, and other events that you regularly perform. Every time you get a new project or client, you can use MultiTask templates to quickly list your routine duties. MultiTask will help you keep track of due dates, follow-up calls, etc. and sort tasks into your own custom categories.


PocketFlash 2
(version 2.07)
NOTE: PocketFlash is incompatible with some devices running Palm OS 5. Please try the demo before purchasing PocketFlash.

A Palm Computing Device, a Palm modem, and your AOL account are all you need to keep up to date on your e-mail! PocketFlash software uploads and downloads e-mail in just about a minute anywhere in the world you have access to the Internet.

With recent developments in wireless modems, Palm and Handspring users can now use PocketFlash software to send and receive AOL e-mail wirelessly! PocketFlash is perfect for the traveler, mobile business person, or student. Read more...

"A perfect program for users of AOL who need constant access to their e-mail." -- ZDNet "Hot File of the Day", June 28, 1999

Everyday Everywhere Everyday Everywhere    Sale! -- $19.95

Quickly assess your payments for bank loans and credit cards. Convert international currency. Calculate tips. Convert all sorts of metric measurements to English equivalents and vise versa. Search for phone number area codes by city or by partial number. Everyday Everywhere is the conversion tool for all occasions!

Workout Tracker Workout Tracker

One of the most important reasons to keep a record of your workouts is to chart your progress. Record your activity for each of your routines and Workout Tracker will graphically display your progress for each exercise you perform. With the tap of a button you can add an exercise or routine. Pop-up menus allow you to sort and view your information with ease.

Screen Cleaners!

Each single-use kit, enough for several screens, uses a two step wet/dry process to get rid of just about any screen grime.Perfect for hand-held computers, laptops, and desktop monitors.

Pocketflash e-mail
Multitask time management for Palm Workout Tracker Everyday Everywhere converstion

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